Nissan Xterra Gas Mileage

Nissan Xterra 4-cylinder 2WD has an average mileage of 19 MPG in the city and 24 MPG in the highway while the V6 2WD has a gas mileage of 17MPG in the city and 20 MPG in the highway. If you want to get the best mileage that your Xterra can deliver, you must consider some tips that will help you lessen the amount of gas that you consume. These tips include driving more efficiently, keeping your car in shape, planning and combining trips and choosing a more efficient vehicle.

Driving more efficiently entails driving sensibly, always observing the speed limit, using cruise control and using overdrive gears while keeping the car in shape involves keeping the engine properly tuned, regularly checking and replacing air filters and using the suggested grade of motor oil. Planning and combining trips helps you save time and money. Trip planning makes sure that the wandering is done when the engine is warmed-up and capable. With tip planning, you can reduce the distance that your vehicle runs. Thus, it doesn’t only save fuel but also decreases the vehicle tear and wear.